JOFO Nonwovens

Supply Chain
Since graduation, I have been working for more than 20 years. During this period, I have experienced many changes and made many friends with the same interests. From a young boy who just entered the society when I graduated to a middle-aged man who is adept in the field, I have been working in the JOFO family for several years. Through the careful cultivation of the company, I have changed from outstanding individual ability to multi-faceted management ability and inter-departmental cooperation ability.
In conclusion, if you want to get a good job, you should set the right goal for yourself and go forward.
What are you waiting for? The perfect job is waiting for you. Now you just need to set goals and move on.
Quality Engineer
Blink of an eye, step out of school to join the JOFO has been a year. In this year, JOFO brought me a different world. People here are enthusiastic about their work and have a professional and rigorous attitude. Pleasant cooperation between colleagues, mutual help, leadership approachable, patient guidance. It has accompanied me through the "painful period" of transforming from a student to a worker. In addition, JOFO also pays attention to the development of each employee and regularly carries out various training activities to help the development of employees.
Join JOFO and look forward to writing a better future with you! JOFO will certainly bring you different wonderful!
During the year of JOFO, as a process engineer, I gained a lot of professional knowledge, and also felt the care and care from leaders of various departments and colleagues. As a fresh people here,I only know a little about machines, production, technology and other aspects, so I can imagine how scared and uneasy I am. Fortunately, in this process, my leaders and colleagues at all levels gave frequent encouragement and guidance, which helped me smoothly through this difficult time. With the improvement of professional skills, to deal with a variety of technological problems, but also more and more comfortable. It is this visible growth that has always inspired me to keep moving forward and follow the footsteps of predecessors to embrace a better tomorrow.
On Human Moon Day 2009, I joined JOFO company and became a member of the equipment department.
When I just entered the company, I faced with the world's leading non-woven equipment, and at the beginning,I felt at a loss and unable to start. The narrow scope of knowledge and shallow knowledge points limit the understanding and analysis of the working principle of the equipment. Thanks JOFO for the Siemens S7-300 course training on September 20, 2016, which enabled me to understand the core technology in the industrial control field.
In 2021, when supporting the demolition and installation and commissioning of the Thai company's NP line, I completed the installation and commissioning of non-Andritz equipment, learned from each other and made up for weaknesses with the Andritz team, shortened the installation and commissioning time of the NP line equipment, and made contributions to the early production of the Thai factory's NP line.
Process Manager
It has been nearly 10 years since I started working at JOFO(except that I left for two months), and I have spent the most precious 10 years of my life here. There have been sweat and suffering, but more are good memories.
As a process engineer at the beginning, I only need to manage my own work well and continuously improve my skills and experience to create value for the company. Later, I was in charge of managing a small process team, and now I am in charge of leading and managing a large production department. My working philosophy and management methods were constantly changing, during which there were setbacks and pressure, etc., but with the tolerance of colleagues and guidance of leaders, I made little progress and gradually became competent for my role.
Look forward to leading the team to follow the development of the company in the future, passion and dedication, happy life